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Real estate investment / buying and selling support
Real estate in Japan is deeply popular in terms of safety, environmental performance, convenience, durability, and diversity. It can be said that it is at an attractive level for investment and use in terms of price compared to other cities overseas.
Nowadays, many overseas companies and individuals invest in Japanese real estate, but on the other hand, in practice, there are few companies that can provide truly valuable properties and reliable support. In order to provide business support for such times, Rakurakusha will support long-term relationships of trust with customers first.

In purchasing various properties such as land, condominiums, single-family homes, single-family investment condominiums, hotels, hot spring inns, ski resorts, guest houses, etc., we will cooperate with our own partners and guide you including properties that are not open to the public.
Our representative who has acquired the qualification as a homebuilder in Japan will also provide contract support directly.
Company establishment, tie-up, acquisition of permanent residence
With the rapid growth of Asian countries such as China, the number of companies entering and investing in Japan is increasing. On the other hand, Japan has structural problems such as an increase in vacant lots and depopulation of rural areas, in addition to the problems of aging and declining birthrate. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the shortage of successors has been a long-standing issue, and technology and culture are in danger of being lost.
In order to solve such structural issues, we support the establishment of companies from overseas, business alliances, emigration to Japan, etc. in order to truly understand Japan and aim for mutual development. We provide advice and support not only in terms of business, but also in terms of approach and culture in Japanese business customs.
We believe that a win-win relationship can be established between overseas countries, which continue to grow as a large market, and Japan's high-quality products, brands, and corporate culture.
Buying and selling of paintings and fine arts
Japanese paintings and art works are popular with a wide range of overseas collectors. Contemporary art by Yayoi Kusama, Yoshitomo Nara, Takashi Murakami, etc. has gained worldwide popularity and is gaining strong support as an asset value.
In addition, the masters of Japanese-style painters such as Hiroshi Senju, Kaii Higashiyama, and Ikuo Hirayama etc. are also very popular from the perspective of a group of works that represent Japan's aesthetic sense and culture. We also meet individual needs such as antiques and jewelry.
Rakurakusha has its own license as an art dealer and cooperates with a long-established gallery that has a long-standing relationship to meet the individual needs of our customers. We will only provide works that are safe, reliable, and valuable.
Original tour / corporate training
We provide original travel plans and tour guides for individual and group customers.
We also accept consultations on training at cultural facilities, company tours, and medical tours.
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